Executive and  Management Recruitment  

Getting you the right person with the right fit for your company culture and business parameters 

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Executive and Management recruitment is critical to business success, and often can be complex and time consuming.  However, it needs to be executed skilfully, not only to get the best candidate but more importantly, the RIGHT candidate.


The experienced team at MDN Consulting will help you select a new Executive or Manager that is committed to achieving an organisation’s mission while contributing to a positive workplace culture.


MDN Consulting ‘s Executive and Management Recruitment services will ensure the successful candidate has the right mix of skills, experience, competencies and cultural fit to deliver results and serve your organisation effectively.


Our comprehensive and cost effective Executive and Management identification and selection process consists of:

  • A dedicated and experienced Recruitment Consultant

  • Access to an extensive network and database of relevant contacts

  • A detailed and thorough search and selection process that is ethical, professional, independent and successful

  • A realistic and reasonable professional fee structure


MDN Consulting and its principal, Mark Nicol, have been actively involved in local, national and global executive and management recruitment for over 32 years.

Executive Selection Process

The comprehensive selection process used by MDN Consulting is tailored to meet the individual needs of our client.

This process of selection, reference checking and screening will lead to a candidate with the right combination of skills, knowledge and experience to achieve your organisations’ strategic goals.


MDN Consulting’s extensive Executive recruitment process consists of a number critical steps including:

  • Attractive, informative and tailored recruitment advertisements

  • Strategic placement of recruitment advertisements

  • Database review of current networks including extensive use of LinkedIn

  • Collection of medical and criminal statements

  • Use of multiple interview techniques and styles

  • Standard and tailored interview questions and scenarios based on the selection criteria

  • Continual review of the candidate’s suitability

  • Comprehensive referee check 

Executive Search Process

Many Australian companies have realised that their recruitment and retention strategies need more revitalisation and focus and that is where MDN Consulting can make a difference.


In this environment, traditional recruitment methods are often less successful. Expensive recruitment advertising is often not yielding good returns in the form of quality candidates. We continue to find that alternative recruitment methods, but primarily Search (via “headhunting”) techniques, are more successful for our clients.


Search is often regarded as “an expensive black art”. This is simply not the case.


Search techniques can be applied to any role description, level, skill set or industry and minimising or negating significant (and often repeated) advertising expenditure.


MDN Consulting can provide you with all the ingredients for a successful and cost-effective Search process via:

  • A Search consultant who is well experienced and has a significant network of contacts

  • A process and methodology which is ethical, professional and proven to work!

  • A realistic and reasonable fee structure


MDN Consulting and/or its principal, Mark Nicol, have been actively involved in local, national and global Executive Search recruitment for over 32 years.  We have an outstanding track record in “filling” positions for our clients, using extensive networks and superior Search methods.