HR/ER Planning


    (1) Collective Agreement Planning

  • Does the business have a clear idea of what key gains need to be negotiated?

  • Are there clear communication lines open directly with your employees?

  • Is the business aware of what the Union strategy will be?

  • Has the business been compliant with requirements of the existing agreement?

  • Are there “custom and practice” matters in the existing agreement which should be challenged going forward?

   (2) Productivity Improvement Planning

  • Is the workplace free from restrictive work practices?

  • Are overtime costs effectively controlled?

  • Are crewing and staffing levels cost effective?

  • How can work practices be changed to improve productivity?

  • Is timekeeping and absenteeism under control?

  • Is Personal Leave taking being monitored and effectively managed?

  • Are employees carrying out all duties required by their Contract or Agreement?


  (3) Annual HR/ER Planning

  • Do you have a HR Plan linked to your overall Business Plan?

  • Do you have a HR budget for the year?

  • Do you require your HR activities to be accountable against a Plan?

  • Are you annually planning your training, recruitment, salary and performance reviews and succession?

  • Is there a HR Plan to reduce costs and improve performance across the business?


   (4) Workplace Restructuring

  • We will ensure that your strategic restructuring plans are completed on time; on budget and in the most professional manner possible ensuring excellent levels of communication with all stakeholders.


  • Our team has extensive experience and track records of proven results in the implementation of employer plans for workplace restructuring.  This success has covered unionised and non-unionised workplaces across a variety of industry types.