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MDN Consulting is a leading Australian owned and operated recruitment, management and human resource consultancy based in Brisbane, Queensland. With a world class team of experts and a strong alliance partnership network, MDN Consulting can confidently facilitate a wide range of client needs.


With over 32 years’ experience, MDN Consulting, through its Principal, Mark Nicol is a trusted and well respected service provider in the areas of Recruitment, Outplacement, Career Transition, Mentoring, Organisation Reviews, Corporate Restructuring Services, HR and Management Consulting.


MDN Consulting has built a reputation amongst their clients and partners as a leader in our field.


This has been achieved through a commitment to building strong client relationships and alliance partnerships through integrity, confidentiality, trust and ethics.


Business Model

After years of industry experience, Managing Director Mark Nicol identified a need in the market for a trusted, personalised and committed Recruitment, Management and Human Resource consultancy that delivered a full range of Strategic services to meet the increasing needs of individuals and Private, Public and Not-For-Profit sector organisations.


Building on his extensive network of contacts, Mark has successfully established a professional and well respected organisation committed to providing tailored solutions to both individuals and corporations.


MDN Consulting operates under a strategic alliance model that has created a “virtual corporation”, enabling them to assemble a well-credentialed and experienced group of professionals to assist their clients across a host of situations and complexity.


Why Choose MDN Consulting?

  • Work with a team of multi-skilled, highly experienced consultants.

  • Tap into the expertise of our alliance partners.

  • A trusted and committed provider with a proven track record for over 15 years.

  • Experience in working with a wide range of clients, industries and markets locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Access to a powerful and extensive network of contacts.

  • Strong sense of ethics and focus on ‘people’.

  • We develop solutions that deliver savings and a high return on investment.