Vintage Compass

INTRODUCTION Both alone and in concert with our alliance partners, MDN has established a high reputation for facilitating an extensive range of Recruitment, Management and HR Consulting services.


OUR VISION We exist to be a reputable, reliable and sustainable provider of Recruitment and Consulting capability to Business, Government and Community Organisations.


  • OUR MISSION We do this by:

  • providing clients with high quality professional Consulting services that are highly satisfying to all stakeholders.

  • providing creative and sustainable solutions.

  • providing services that add value to the client.

  • providing methodologies which demonstrate rigour, validity and professionalism.

  • identifying closely with client needs.

  • providing exceptional value for money.

  • providing access to a wide range of contacts and networks through our strategic alliances which adds significant value to our processes and client engagements.

  • engendering in clients, attributes of loyalty in terms of repeat business and advocacy in promoting new business.

  • OUR VALUES We underpin our service with:

  • Integrity.

  • Professionalism.

  • Client interests being considered first and foremost.

  • Innovation, Flexibility and Resourcefulness.

  • Leadership and Teamwork.

  • Thoroughness and completeness of Solutions.

  • Quality communication & Knowledge sharing.

  • Value for money.

We offer our services to the widest possible market and seek opportunities to continue to work with a wide and interesting range of organisations. The foundation of this outlook is of course, derived from the long and distinguished career of the Company’s Managing Director, Mark Nicol.