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Gary Kellar, Principal of Reinforcements Management Consulting

After a long and fulfilling career in Local Government, Gary has established a successful Consultancy, whereby he continues to pursue his abiding interest in helping managers implement continuous improvement in their organisations.  This interest is now pursued on a wider canvass including other levels of Government as well as the Private Sector.  Although still strongly focused on Local Government, Gary now enjoys a variety of work involving such areas as Governance, Strategy, Operational Effectiveness, Systems Reviews, Business Planning and Executive Mentoring and Development.

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Lloyd Russell, Principal of TCB Solutions Management Consulting

Lloyd commenced his management career in 1986 with the Agri-Services company Primac Limited. In 1995 he relocated to Brisbane taking a position with QRAA where his main focus was the management of numerous financial programs on behalf of the State and Federal governments.

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Steve Barnes has gained extensive business and project management experience since 1978 in a broad variety of business situations and environments. Originally a Civil Engineer and major Projects Manager by profession, he has since gained a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of large-scale corporations and organisations including many Fortune 500 companies as an elite trained senior business analyst working around the globe. In conjunction with this role, he has been instrumental in formulating and managing significant operational and financial reforms and helped position these companies at or near the top of their respective fields.

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Kirsten Hartmann Workplace Relations Consultant  OUR NEW ASSOCIATE 

Experienced workplace relations consultant covering all HR/IR matters including policy development; strategic planning; dispute resolution; management mentoring; proactive workplace compliance; and investigation of workplace incidents. Have held a number of management and Director roles which places me in the unique position to know how to prescribe and implement.

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