Client, Customer and Stakeholder Engagement/ Surveys/Program

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 What is our Value Proposition?

MDN Consulting and its associates have many years’ experience working with commercial organisations both at strategic and operational levels. We have assisted numerous organisations in many facets of their business and have observed that they continue to work hard to ensure their Clients, Customers, Stakeholders and other external and internal parties are provided with the best service.


MDN also knows that many organisations undertake periodic surveys of their Client/Customer base to gauge external perceptions about the services they provide. Our experience is that such surveys often use a ‘tick the box’ approach and are therefore limited in scope, engagement and effectiveness. This often leads to incomplete and constrained responses, resulting in disappointing outcomes and very little change.


In order to address the inherent limitations with these types of survey approaches, MDN has developed its own Client/Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Program.


MDN has the tools, technology and experience to significantly enhance your customer service, delivery and customer satisfaction.


Our approach and methodology enable an organisation to better understand service issues and provide a comprehensive appreciation of service improvement opportunities by more effectively engaging with a wider range of Clients, Customers and Stakeholders.


This is achieved by adopting a ‘one-on-one’ approach where we interview or otherwise engage with Clients, Customers and Stakeholders in a more in-depth, personal and effective way. Although on-line methods are used to manage the process, the key to MDN’s approach is the personal engagement with your Clients, Customers and Stakeholders.


This could be an ideal time to consider a better way to connect with your Clients, Customers and Stakeholders and more effectively understand and respond to their needs and feedback generally.


MDN’s Client, Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Program ‘digs deeper’ to establish what these parties think, need and want. More importantly, the program significantly assists in gaining a far better appreciation of how to improve service and build an even more responsive organisation.


  • Overall Objectives of the program

  • To enhance the organisation’s pursuit of its corporate vision/objectives by developing an improved strategic response to the needs of its Clients, Customers and other Stakeholders.

  • To secure a more positive and constructive relationship with Clients, Customers and other Stakeholders over the long term.


  • Outcomes for our Client

  • Identification of:

    • opportunities to improve service

    • wider range of your Clients, Customers and Stakeholders with whom to effectively engage

    • wider range of services to meet your Client, Customer and Stakeholder needs

    • opportunities for additional revenue sources

    • possible solutions to service problems

    • improved mechanisms for more effective engagement

    • issues to inform Business Strategy

  • Greater value of/from information obtained

  • Better understanding of your Client, Customer and Stakeholder needs

  • Better return on engagement effort

  • Assurance of independent assessment

  • Closer alignment with legislative and best practice standards

  • Foundation of an Action Plan to improve responsiveness to your Client, Customer and Stakeholder needs

  • Integration of engagement strategies within the wider framework of good governance.


  • Stakeholder population

  • Clients, Customers (internal/external), Contractors, Suppliers, Developers/Investors

  • Government Agencies, Industry Bodies, Public Utilities

  • Members and Shareholders

  • Boards/Directors


  • The Program Quality

  • Evidence based analytical enquiry into the organisation’s relationship with its Clients, Customers and Stakeholders.

  • An independent and reputable/reliable identification of your Client, Customer and Stakeholder issues.


  • The Methodology

MDN has developed a thorough and rigorous methodology or process to undertake this work, typically encompassing the following key phases, which of course is tailored to our clients specific circumstances and requirements;


Phase 1 – Planning and Preliminary Phase

Phase 2 – Questionnaire Design and Development and Interview Conduct Phase

Phase 3 – Final Analysis, Workshop and Reporting Phase


Details of each phase can be discussed or supplied upon request as required.