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Corporate & Public Sector Reorganisation 


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Outplacement and Corporate and Public Sector Reorganisation

Let MDN Consulting’s Outplacement and Corporate and Public Sector Reorganisation service help your organisation to downsize with dignity.


The employee termination process brought about by corporate restructure or similar, is a challenging and emotional process and if handled poorly, can have a lasting negative impact on your company’s operation and image.


By treating the affected employees with dignity, tact and understanding, the MDN Outplacement or Career Transition Service offers companies a way to minimise risks while protecting their brand and position in the marketplace.


MDN Consulting can develop a tailored transition strategy for your organisation that will:

  • Ease the stress and discomfort felt by managers that must perform the termination

  • Maintain a professional company image and reputation

  • Reflect your organisation’s values

  • Provides a strategic approach for the entire organisation

  • Reduce the risk of affecting existing employee morale and productivity

  • Prevent unwanted legal action for unfair or wrongful dismissal

  • Demonstrate concern for the well being and future of redundant employees


MDN Consulting offers individual Career Transition services or larger scale Outplacement programmes.